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Epiphora reviews The Feminist Porn Book

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Epiphora gives a detailed review of The Feminist Porn Book, including things she loved, she loathed, or what just plain confused her. Ultimately, she comes down on the side of being a fan: The Feminist Porn Book is an amazing contribution to the world. I have a feeling it may become a classic. It is interesting, challenging, and […]

Mireille Miller-Young

Tits and Sass and Distinctly Female reviews

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Two new blogger reviews! Caty Simon of Tits and Sass wrote a great thorough write-up of the text, including both compliments and challenges. The book’s answer to the implicit question of “where is intersectionality in our porn?” is heartening. Though Tobi Hill-Meyer writes about the slow, frustrating, transphobia-filled process of trans women’s inclusion in porn, Jiz […]


Rachel Kramer Bussel reviews The Feminist Porn Book for The Hairpin

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Rachel Kramer Bussel reviewed The Feminist Porn Book for The Hairpin: Celebrating XXX Fantasies Left Out of Mainstream Porn She calls special attention to Danny Wylde’s piece: Wylde wants viewers to treat their porn-buying with as much care as they do their food-shopping or clothes-purchasing. “It’s time for consumers who want more ethical porn to educate […]

SF Bay Guardian on the fusion of academics and porn stars

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The Feminist Porn Book got a great write-up in the San Francisco Bay Guardian. The book is a big deal, a first-time conglomeration of viewpoints from across the pro-sex feminist landscape. Its introduction alone was the most comprehensive history of feminist pornography I’ve ever seen (how appropriate that we’re in the middle of Women’s History […]

Tristan Taormino

Salon Interviews Tristan Taormino About The Feminist Porn Book

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Tracy Clark-Flory interviewed me about The Feminist Porn Book in this piece, “The Feminist Pornographer.” While I was accurately quoted, I do want to challenge how Clark-Flory framed the article. I did not, as the subheading leads you to believe, say “It’s time to find a middle ground in the porn wars.” Clark-Flory (or her editor) […]


Jack Halberstam calls it “a stunning collection”

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“Finally the time is right for feminist porn!! This book, a stunning collection edited by academics and artists in dialogue, accounts for the massive changes in technology, erotics, modes of spectatorship and embodied identities that have impacted and continue to impact the world of pornography. As this volume demonstrates, we are now far from the […]


Lisa Duggan: “an emerging movement of gender and sexual visionaries, working at the radically inclusive and egalitarian edges of sexual representation…”

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“This thrilling anthology brings together scholars, producers and fans of feminist pornography to define an emerging movement of gender and sexual visionaries, working at the radically inclusive and egalitarian edges of sexual representation. The authors explore an ever widening range of body types, and a proliferating variety of images, sensations and feelings. They examine the […]


Laura Kipnis, author of Bound and Gagged weighs in

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“Finally: academics are actually talking to sex industry workers, pornographers are doubling as theorists, and feminists have grabbed the cameras. The Feminist Porn Book sets the agenda for new ways of thinking about the sticky social relations of dirty pictures.” —Laura Kipnis Professor of Media Studies, Northwestern University Author of Bound and Gagged: Pornography and […]