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buckangelBuck Angel was born female and survived a tumultuous and anguished youth to become the successful self-made man he is today. Parlaying the self-esteem and confidence he garnered through his sex change, he made history as the world’s first female-to-male transsexual (FTM) porn star. In 2007, he became the first FTM to win the prestigious Transsexual Performer of the Year Award from AVN. Buck Angel is also a groundbreaking filmmaker who has produced a series of public service announcements on seldom discussed top­ics, and a unique pair of documentaries about trans mens’ sexualities, one for the mainstream, and the other for an adult audience. He’s an entrepreneur who has gone from pioneering a new adult-industry niche, FTM porn, to appearing in mainstream media. More recently, he’s become a motivational speaker, educating people about sexual­ity and gender, with a universal message of learning to love one’s self.

feona_attwoodFeona Attwood is a professor at Middlesex University, UK. She is the editor of Mainstreaming Sex: The Sexualization of Western Culture and Making Sense of Online Pornography, and the co-editor of the following special journal issues: Controversial Images (with Sha­ron Lockyer, Popular Communication); Researching and Teaching Sex­ually Explicit Media (with I.Q. Hunter, Sexualities); and Investigating Young People’s Sexual Cultures (with Clarissa Smith, Sex Education).

Susie by Jason Ganwich 8256 webSusie Bright’s legacy in porn criticism and debate is detailed in her latest book, Susie Bright’s Erotic Screen: The Golden Hardcore & the Shimmering Dyke-Core. She is the author of the national best sellers Full Exposure and The Sexual State of the Union, as well as her memoir, Big Sex Little Death. She is the host of Audible’s In Bed With Susie Bright, the longest-running sexuality program in the history of broadcasting. Bright was co-founder and editor of On Our Backs magazine, and the first journalist to cover erotic cinema and the porn business in the mainstream press. A progenitor of the sex-positive movement, Bright taught the first university course on pornography, and brought last­ing sexual influence to her role and writing in films like Bound and The Celluloid Closet, as well as by playing herself, “the famous feminist sex writer,” on Six Feet Under.

comellaLynn Comella is a women’s studies professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she teaches courses on gender, sexuality, media, and popular culture. Her research focuses primarily on the adult entertainment industry, and the history of the women’s mar­ket for sex toys and pornography. Her work has been published in Feminist Media Studies, The Communication Review, and Contexts, and appears in Sex for Sale: Prostitution, Pornography, and the Sex Industry (2nd edition), New Sociologies of Sex Work, and Commodity Activism: Cultural Resistance in Neoliberal Times. She is a frequent media con­tributor, and writes a popular monthly column on sexuality and cul­ture for Las Vegas Weekly.

arianecruzAriane Cruz is an assistant professor in the Department of Women’s Studies at Pennsylvania State University. She earned her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, in African diaspora studies with a designated emphasis in women, gender, and sexuality. Her research interests include images of black female sexuality, black visuality, and pornography. She is currently working on a manuscript exploring black women, BDSM, and pornography. Her teaching at Penn State includes classes on feminist visual culture, and representations of race, gender, and sexuality.

DodsonArtist, author, and sexologist Betty Dodson has been one of the prin­cipal advocates for women’s sexual pleasure and health for over three decades. After her first one-woman show of erotic art in 1968, Dod­son produced and presented the first feminist slide show of vulvas at the 1973 NOW Sexuality Conference in New York City where she introduced the electric vibrator as a pleasure device. For twenty-five years, she ran Bodysex Workshops, teaching women about their bod­ies and orgasms. Her first book, Liberating Masturbation: A Meditation on Selflove, became a feminist classic. Sex for One sold over a million copies. Betty and her young partner Carlin Ross continue to provide sex education at Her piece is excerpted from Dodson’s memoir, My Romantic Love Wars: A Sexual Memoir.

loreeLoree Erickson is a poly, queer, femmegimp porn star academic in a doctoral program at York University in Toronto. She is the creator of want, an internationally award-winning porn film, and a community organizer. She loves travelling to lecture, making queercrip porn, and facilitating workshops on a variety of topics including collective care, disability justice/radical disability politics, and all things related to sex and disability. She is also a fan of sun, sparkly things, and social jus­tice.

aprilfloresApril Flores, flame-haired vixen of the new porn order, is one of the most striking examples of the new sexy, from her work as a BBW adult film star to her unrepentant feminism and body-positive smash­ing of stereotypes. Flores has graced the covers of Bizarre and AVN magazines, been featured in several fine art photography books, and appeared in adult films in every genre of the porn industry. April lives and creates in Los Angeles with her husband, artist Carlos Batts.

nina-hartley-1Nina Hartley’s rock-solid understanding of the importance of sexual autonomy has fueled her twenty-eight-year career in adult entertain­ment. As a performer, director, writer, educator, public speaker, and feminist thinker, Hartley has traveled the world delivering her mes­sage that sexual freedom is a fundamental human right. She wel­comes new social media opportunities for sharing her knowledge and empowering all people, regardless of their orientation. She is the author of Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex. Putting to use her degree in nursing, she and her husband, I.S. Levine, have produced the sex-ed video series collectively known as The Nina Hartley Guides, from Adam and Eve, which has sold millions of copies and is currently in its thirty-eighth edition. Still active in front of the camera, she and her husband live in Los Angeles.

kevin_heffernanKevin Heffernan teaches media culture and history in the Division of Film and Media Arts at Southern Methodist University. Divine Trash, a documentary on the early career of John Waters on which Heffer­nan served as associate producer and co-screenwriter, won the Film­makers’ Trophy in Documentary at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival. He is the author of Ghouls, Gimmicks and Gold: Horror Films and the American Movie Business, 1952–1968 from Duke University Press and co-author, with Frances Milstead and Steve Yeager, of My Son Divine from Alyson Publications. He is writing a book on contemporary East Asian cinema tentatively titled A Wind From the East and another book tentatively titled From Beavis and Butt Head to the Tea Baggers: Dumb White Guy Politics and Culture in America.

Tobi PicTobi Hill-Meyer is a multiracial trans activist, writer, and filmmaker. She is the director of Doing It Ourselves, and winner of the Emerg­ing Filmmaker Award at the 2010 Feminist Porn Awards. Hill-Meyer started producing media to fill the void of diverse trans characters and to offer an alternative to the overwhelmingly exploitative and exotic ways that trans women’s sexuality is often portrayed.

keikolaneKeiko Lane is a Japanese American poet, essayist, and psychothera­pist. In addition to her literary writing, which has been published in journals and anthologies, she writes about the intersections of queer culture, oppression resistance, and liberation psychology. Her cur­rent writing projects focus on the relationship between queer kin­ship, and queer rage and grief in the long-term survival of ACT UP and Queer Nation. Keiko has a private practice in Berkeley, California, that specializes in working with queers of all genders, artists, activ­ists, academics, and other clients who self-identify as postcolonial. She is a volunteer therapist with Survivors International, where she works with refugees and asylum seekers. Keiko also teaches graduate psychotherapy courses on queer and multicultural psychotherapies, the psychodynamics of social justice, and the embodied literature of exile.

Jiz-Lee-HeadshotJiz Lee is a genderqueer porn star known for their androgynous look, female ejaculation, vaginal fisting, strap-on performances, and fun, sex-positive attitude. The award-winning performer prefers the pro­nouns “they/them,” and advocates for ethical pornography that cre­atively and authentically reflects queer sexuality. Ever fascinated by the radical potential of sex, love, and art, Jiz runs a personal blog and philanthropic “Karma Pervs” pay site at They are editor of the upcoming anthology How to Come Out Like a Porn Star: Essays from the Porn Industry on Family Matters.

LeeLoreleiLorelei Lee studies and teaches writing at New York University and at the San Francisco Center for Sex and Culture. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in Transfer, $pread magazine, and Denver Quarterly, as well as in the anthologies Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys and Off the Set. Lee has worked in the adult film industry since 1999, toured nationally with the Sex Workers’ Art Show, and is a Literary Death Match Champion. Along with Stephen Elliot, she is the co-writer of the independent film About Cherry. She lives in San Fran­cisco and Brooklyn. Her writing can be found on the blog, I Deserve This,

sinnamonSinnamon Love is an adult performer and fetish model. She began performing in adult films in the early 1990s, and has since appeared in approximately two hundred movies. She directed the movie My Black Ass 4, which received nominations at the 2001 AVN Awards for Best Ethnic-Themed Video and Best Anal Sex Scene (Video). Love was admitted into the Urban X Hall of Fame in 2009, and the AVN Hall of Fame in 2011. She was profiled in the book Money Shot: The Wild Nights and Lonely Days Inside the Black Porn Industry by Lawrence C. Ross Jr. Her writing has appeared in Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys: Professionals Writing on Life, Love, Money, and Sex, edited by David Henry Sterry and R. J. Martin Jr.

miller-young, mireilleMireille Miller-Young is associate professor of feminist studies and affiliate associate professor of black studies, film and media stud­ies, and comparative literature at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her research explores race, gender, and sexuality in visual culture, media, and the sex industries in the United States. Her forth­coming book, A Taste for Brown Sugar: Black Women, Sex Work, and Pornography, examines African American women in pornography.

Ms. Naughty (a.k.a. Louise Lush) is a writer, editor, blogger, entrepre­neur, and filmmaker with a passion for women’s erotica. She jointly runs, an adult paysite, along with numerous other erotic sites aimed at straight women. Her erotic fiction has appeared in Best Women’s Erotica and her erotic short films have screened at numerous international film festivals, with three nominated for Fem­inist Porn Awards. She lives with her husband in a small Australian town, surrounded by fundamentalist Christians.

Bobby Noble is an associate professor at York University in Toronto, Canada, cross-appointed to the departments of English and sexuality studies. His research focuses on transgender scholarship, masculin­ity studies, and feminist porn studies from within cultural studies. He is the author of two monographs: Sons of the Movement: FtMs Risk­ing Incoherence on a Post-Queer Cultural Landscape and Masculinities without Men?: Female Masculinity in Twentieth-Century Fictions.

CPSphotoCeline Parreñas Shimizu works as a filmmaker and film scholar and is professor in the Department of Asian American Studies at the Uni­versity of California, Santa Barbara. Her first book, The Hypersexual­ity of Race: Performing Asian/American on Screen and Scene won the Cultural Studies Book Award from the Association for Asian Ameri­can Studies in 2009, and her second book is Straitjacket Sexualities: Unbinding Asian American Manhoods in the Movies. Recently, her first feature film, Birthright: Mothering Across Difference, won the Best Fea­ture Documentary at the Big Mini DV Festival. She teaches popular culture, social theories of power and inequality, race and sexuality, and film and performance theory and production. She is currently at work on her new film, Stoop Labor.

Penley-Constance_0002highresConstance Penley is professor of film and media studies and co-director of the Carsey-Wolf Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her major areas of research interest are film and media history and theory, feminist theory, cultural studies, contemporary art, and science and technology studies. She is a founding editor of Camera Obscura: Feminism, Media, Cultural Studies and editor or co-editor of the influential collections Feminism and Film Theory, Male Trouble, Technoculture, and The Visible Woman: Imaging Technologies, Science and Gender. She is the author of The Future of an Illusion: Film, Feminism, and Psychoanalysis, NASA/TREK: Popular Science and Sex in America, and the forthcoming Teaching Pornography. Her collabora­tive art projects include “MELROSE SPACE: Primetime Art by the GALA Committee” and “Biospheria: An Environmental Opera,” on which she was co-librettist. Penley is a 2009 winner of the MacArthur Founda­tion Digital Media and Learning Award.

candida2Candida Royalle, president of Femme Productions, is a frequent TV and radio guest and sought-after expert on relationships, sexuality, and women’s self-empowerment. She is the author of How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do: Sex Advice From a Woman Who Knows. Royalle was a popular adult film star during the “golden age” of porn, between the years of 1975 and 1980. With that firsthand experience, Royalle felt she could effect change within the adult film industry, provid­ing a woman’s voice to a previously male-dominated genre. Royalle pioneered the genre of erotic movies by and for women and couples. Widely used by counselors and sexologists, her work has received international accolades for its sex-positive and egalitarian approach to sexuality and eroticism. In 1995 Royalle, along with Groet Design, a Dutch industrial design company, created the Natural Contours line of stylish and discreet intimate massagers. Royalle has lectured at the Smithsonian Institute, the American Psychiatric Association’s national conference, and the World Congress on Sexology, as well as numerous universities including Princeton, Columbia, Wellesley Col­lege, and New York University. Royalle is a member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) and a founding board member of Feminists for Free Expression (FFE).

dylanryanDylan Ryan is a porn star, writer, social worker, performance artist, and self-professed gender and sexuality geek living in San Francisco, California. Dylan holds a double bachelors degree and recently com­pleted a masters in social work from a Canadian university where she studied the rise of feminist pornography and the intersections between sex work and social work. A yoga instructor and amateur filmmaker in her spare time, Dylan hopes to continue her academic career and to become Dylan Ryan, PhD.

ingrid.rybergIngrid Ryberg is the director of the drag king documentary Drag­kingdom of Sweden (2002), the lesbian short Phone Fuck (2009), one of the shorts in the Swedish feminist porn film collection Dirty Diaries, with Mia Engberg (2009). She has published articles in academic jour­nals, such as Film International, Montage AV, and Frauen und Film, and regularly writes for the Swedish movie magazine FLM. In 2012 she defended her doctoral thesis, “Imagining Safe Space: The Politics and Ethics of Queer, Feminist, and Lesbian Pornography,” in the Depart­ment of Media Studies, Stockholm University, Sweden.

SmithClarissaClarissa Smith is reader in sexual cultures at the University of Sun­derland, UK. Her research has focused on the texts and contexts of sexually explicit media, and sexual practices. She is a founding mem­ber of the Onscenity Network, and involved in various initiatives focused on young people and sexual health. Her specific areas of research include audience use and understandings of pornography, the production and consumption of “amateur” and more mainstream pornographies, aesthetics, and the legislative environments in which these occur. Smith is the author of One for the Girls!: The Pleasures and Practices of Reading Women’s Porn, which offers a uniquely multidis­ciplinary approach, focusing on text, production and consumption, testing many of the “common sense” and cherished claims about the role of pornography in society. Along with Feona Attwood and Martin Barker, she is currently undertaking the analysis of results obtained through the Porn Research questionnaire,

0100Tristan Taormino is an award-winning author, columnist, editor, sex educator, radio host, and feminist pornogra­pher. She is the author of seven books including The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women and True Lust: Adventures in Sex, Porn and Per­version. She runs the adult film production company Smart Ass Pro­ductions. She has directed and produced twenty-four adult films, including the groundbreaking series based on real female kink fan­tasies, Rough Sex and the Expert Guide sex education series, which she created for Vivid Entertainment. The winner of multiple Adult Video News (AVN) and Feminist Porn Awards, she was the first female director to win an AVN award for Best Gonzo Movie for the first film in her reality series Chemistry. She received the Trailblazer Award for Lifetime Achievement at the Feminist Porn Awards in 2010. She is the host of Sex Out Loud, a weekly radio show on The VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network. She was a columnist for The Village Voice for nearly ten years and writes a column for Hustler’s Taboo. She was the found­ing editor of the Lambda Literary Award-winning series Best Lesbian Erotica and is editor of twenty-five anthologies. She’s written for a multitude of publications from Yale Journal of Law and Feminism to Penthouse, and served as editor of On Our Backs. She has appeared on CNN, HBO’s Real Sex, The Howard Stern Show, Loveline, Ricki Lake, MTV, Oxygen, MSNBC, Fox News, The Discovery Channel, and on over fifty radio shows. She lectures at top colleges and universities and teaches sex and relationship workshops around the world.

Jane-WardJane Ward is associate professor of women’s studies at the Univer­sity of California, Riverside. She is the author of Respectably Queer, as well as several articles on queer politics, transgender relationships, heteroflexibility, the failure of diversity programs, and, most recently, queer motherhood. She teaches courses in feminist and queer stud­ies, and is also an amateur parent, an angry low-femme, and a baker of pies.

dannywylde2Christoper Daniel Zeischegg, a.k.a. Danny Wylde is a pornographer, writer, and filmmaker living in Los Angeles, California. He updates his personal blog at http://trvewest