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Melissa Harris-Perry Praises The Feminist Porn Book

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Here’s what Melissa Harris-Perry, host of MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry,” Professor of Political Science at Tulane University and author of Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America says about The Feminist Porn Book: “In terms both jarring and harrowing, women’s bodies became the terrain on which the 2012 election was fought. That the choices, […]


Lisa Duggan: “an emerging movement of gender and sexual visionaries, working at the radically inclusive and egalitarian edges of sexual representation…”

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“This thrilling anthology brings together scholars, producers and fans of feminist pornography to define an emerging movement of gender and sexual visionaries, working at the radically inclusive and egalitarian edges of sexual representation. The authors explore an ever widening range of body types, and a proliferating variety of images, sensations and feelings. They examine the […]


Laura Kipnis, author of Bound and Gagged weighs in

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“Finally: academics are actually talking to sex industry workers, pornographers are doubling as theorists, and feminists have grabbed the cameras. The Feminist Porn Book sets the agenda for new ways of thinking about the sticky social relations of dirty pictures.” —Laura Kipnis Professor of Media Studies, Northwestern University Author of Bound and Gagged: Pornography and […]


Carol Queen calls it brainy and fierce

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“The Feminist Porn Book wades into a conversation that many feminists have only had about performers in the adult industry and finally brings the voices of those porn stars and directors into the room so they can speak for themselves. This anthology is filled with enough varying academic perspectives and first-person voices from within the […]


Susan Stryker: “a potent mix of academic, activist, and sex-industry-worker perspectives”

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“This impressive volume of essays shows that thirty years after the feminist sex wars first errupted, porn is still a hot topic for the women’s movement, and for the scholarly study of gender and sexuality. It brings together a potent mix of academic, activist, and sex-industry-worker perspectives, and does a fantastic job with diversity across […]

Richard Fung 2011

“Essential reading for anyone interested in sexual politics, or indeed, contemporary culture,” -filmmaker Richard Fung

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“In this breakthrough collection scholars, artists and producers from across a spectrum of identities serve up profound new insights on making, consuming and studying porn. This book advances my understanding of how porn works, when it doesn’t, and why it matters. The short essay format makes this book ideal for teaching, but it’s essential reading […]

“Eloquent, smart, passionate, and engaging” – Carol Stabile

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“This is the book that feminist scholars, teachers, students, and activists have been waiting for! Eloquent, smart, passionate, and engaging—each page of the The Feminist Porn Book offers a timely reminder of the continued importance of feminist interventions into the politics and production of pornography.” —Carol Stabile Director, The Center for the Study of Women […]