Panel Proposal for Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference: “Surveillance and Pornography/Porn Studies”

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My name is Evangelos Tziallas (Angelo) and I’m a doctoral candidate at Concordia University.

I just wanted to write a quick email to let you all know that I posted a proposed panel on “Surveillance and Pornography/Porn Studies” on SCMS’s 2014 conference bulletin board. I’ve copied both the link and the CFP for your convenience:

In Hard Core: Power, Pleasure, and the ‘Frenzy of the Visible,’ Linda Williams’ Foucauldian inspired analysis explored narrative heterosexual pornography as one of the latest sources of “knowledge-pleasure.” Accounts of pornography as forms of audio-visual knowledge-power have proliferated since Williams’ work, but recent technological and cultural political changes require we think about the impact technologically mediated surveillance has had on pornographic texts, discourses, and scholarship. Knowledge-power is “surveillance,” but the proliferation and ubiquity of various digital, computer, and recording technologies focuses and transforms the meaning and deployment of knowledge-power and knowledge-pleasure.

This panel seeks to bring research from the growing fields of surveillance studies and porn studies into closer proximity, and invites papers that wish to consider how surveillance and technological, geopolitical, and cultural political discourses have impacted the study of pornography and pornographic representation and vice versa. Papers need not focus solely on the theoretical, technological, or sociological, but the generic, symptomatic, and thematic as well. Topics may include:

-Sexualizing authority, disciplinarity, and the police state (cops, the military, prisons, “torture,” superhero porn parodies)
-Amateur pornography and self-surveillance (XTube, Grindr/Blendr, Cam4)
-Representations of dystopia and the overly controlled society
-Surveillance and/or spying as thematic element or narrative device
-The use/representation of surveillance cameras/technologies, or the configuration of personal recording technologies as tools for surveillance in narrative pornography.
-Politicized representation (“Gaytanamo,” “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” porn-mashups)
-Policing national borders and racial fetishization (“My Israeli Platoon”)
-The theoretical and formal overlaps between surveillance, voyeurism, and ethnography.
-Biopower and policed bodies (barebacking, fetishizing and criminalizing HIV transmission)
-Censorship, bypassing censorship, copyright issues
-“Social sorting,” taxonomies, and pornographic categorizations.
-Risk, data mining, and the thrill of “getting caught” on the internet.

Please send a 250-300 word abstract and short bio (150 words max) to Evangelos Tziallas ( by Wednesday August 7th.