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Justin Timberlake Gets on The Feminist Porn Bandwagon on SNL

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Justin Timberlake returned for his fifth hosting gig on Saturday Night Live this past weekend and he ended the evening with a historic pop culture reference. In the “Moet & Chandon” skit, Timberlake played porn star Ricky V.I.Penis in an infomercial for Moet & Chandon champagne hosted by two former porn stars. He said, “I […]

Tristan Taormino

Salon Interviews Tristan Taormino About The Feminist Porn Book

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Tracy Clark-Flory interviewed me about The Feminist Porn Book in this piece, “The Feminist Pornographer.” While I was accurately quoted, I do want to challenge how Clark-Flory framed the article. I did not, as the subheading leads you to believe, say “It’s time to find a middle ground in the porn wars.” Clark-Flory (or her editor) […]

Jiz Lee

Feminist Allies Writes About “Listening to Jiz Lee” and The Feminist Porn Book

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There is a great post on Feminist Allies (a blog for pro-feminist and feminist men’s issues) that extensively quotes Jiz Lee’s chapter from The Feminist Porn Book, “Uncategorized: Genderqueer Identity and Performance in Independent and Mainstream Porn.” The post is called “Listening to Jiz Lee.” Jiz Lee is a genderqueer porn star known for their […]