Jack Halberstam calls it “a stunning collection”

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“Finally the time is right for feminist porn!! This book, a stunning collection edited by academics and artists in dialogue, accounts for the massive changes in technology, erotics, modes of spectatorship and embodied identities that have impacted and continue to impact the world of pornography. As this volume demonstrates, we are now far from the sex wars of the 1980’s, the sex panics of the 1990’s and well into a new era of erotic representation. In order to make sense of new and emergent worlds of desiring bodies, trans-femininities and trans-masculinities, transgressive racial performance and the erotics of disabled bodies, read Feminist Porn, and when you are finished, go out and make some!” —J. Jack Halberstam
Professor of English and Director of The Center for Feminist Research, University of Southern California
Author of Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender, and the End of Normal, The Queer Art of Failure, and Female Masculinity